Vocabulary list_2, Chapter 0

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details acutus, -a, -um, sharp, acute
  • Word details amatorius, -a, -um, of love
  • Word details amicus, -a, -um, friendly
  • Word details amoenus, -a, -um, pleasant, lovely
  • Word details arrogans, arrogantis, arrogant
  • Word details attonitus, -a, -um, astonished
  • Word details audax, audacis, daring, rash
  • Word details carus, -a, -um, chaste, pure
  • Word details celer, celeris, quick
  • Word details centum, -i, n. Indeclinable, a hundred
  • Word details comis, come, friendly
  • Word details continuus, -a, -um, continuous, on end
  • Word details decimus, -a, -um, tenth
  • Word details desertus, -a, -um, deserted
  • Word details ebrius, -a, -um, drunk

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Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series.
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