Vocabulary list, Chapter 11

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details ignotus, -a, -um, unknown
  • Word details notus, -a, -um, known
  • Adverbs

  • Word details semper, always
  • Conjunctions

  • Word details dum, while
  • Nouns

  • Word details arma, armorum, n., pl, arms, weapons
  • Word details bellum, -i, n., war
  • Word details collis, collis, m., hill
  • Word details consilium, -i, n., plan
  • Word details fama, -ae, f., fame, reputation, report
  • Word details hortus, -i, m., garden
  • Word details nomen, nominis, n., name
  • Word details patria, -ae, f., fatherland
  • Word details regina, -ae, f., queen
  • Word details somnus, -i, m., sleep
  • Word details templum, -i, n., temple
  • Word details ventus, -i, m., wind
  • Word details vinum, -i, n., wine
  • Verbs

  • Word details aedifico, aedificare, I build
  • Word details cognosco, cognoscere, I get to know, learn
  • Word details erro, errare, I wander; err, am wrong
  • Word details fero, ferre, I carry, bear
  • Word details impero, imperare + dat., I order
  • Word details invenio, invenire, I find
  • Word details occurro, occurrere + dat., I meet
  • Word details ostendo, ostendere, I show
  • Word details sto, stare, I stand
  • Word details succurro, succurrere, succurri, succursum + dat., I help

Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series.
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