Vocabulary list, Chapter 17

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details candidus, -a, -um, white
  • Word details gravis, grave, heavy; serious
  • Word details optimus, -a, -um, best
  • Word details pessimus, -a, -um, worst
  • Word details verus, -a, -um, true
  • Adverbs

  • Word details enim, for
  • Word details igitur, and so, therefore
  • Word details tamen, however, but
  • Conjunctions

  • Word details cum, when
  • Nouns

  • Word details candidatus, -i, m., candidate
  • Word details divitiae, -arum, f., pl, riches
  • Word details hora, -ae, f., hour
  • Word details numerus, -i, m., number
  • Word details oratio, orationis, f., speech
  • Word details pecunia, -ae, f., money
  • Word details vulnus, vulneris, n., wound
  • Verbs

  • Word details credo, credere, credidi, creditum + dat., I believe, trust
  • Word details discedo, discedere, discessi, I go away, depart
  • Word details efficio, efficere, effeci, I effect, carry out
  • Word details lego, legere, legi, I read
  • Word details promitto, promittere, promisi, I promise
  • Word details sum, esse, fui, I am
  • Word details supero, superare, superavi, I overcome
  • Word details vera dicere, I speak the truth

Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series.
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