Vocabulary list, Chapter 27

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details benignus, -a, -um, kind
  • Word details civilis, civile, of citizens, civil
  • Word details plenus, -a, -um with abl: full of, full
  • Word details prudens, prudentis, sensible, wise
  • Word details scelestus, -a, -um, wicked, criminal
  • Word details ullus, -a, -um, any
  • Adverbs

  • Word details cras, tomorrow
  • Word details ergo, and so
  • Word details mane, early (in the morning)
  • Nouns

  • Word details exitium, -i, n., destruction
  • Word details orbis, orbis, m., circle, globe
  • Word details orbis terrarum, the world, the globe
  • Word details otium, -i, n., leisure
  • Word details philosophia, -ae, f., philosophy
  • Word details portus, portus, m., port
  • Word details potestas, potestatis, f., power
  • Verbs

  • Word details accendo, accendere, accendi, I set fire to
  • Word details augeo, augere, auxi, I increase
  • Word details colligo, colligere, collegi, I gather, collect
  • Word details ruo, ruere, rui, rutum, I rush
  • Word details vexo, vexare, I worry, annoy

Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series. was created in 2005 and is not actively maintained