Vocabulary list, Chapter 29

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details alter, altera, alterum, one or the other (of two); second
  • Word details doctus, -a, -um, learned
  • Word details dulcis, dulce, sweet
  • Word details gratus, -a, -um, pleasing, welcome; grateful
  • Word details humanus, -a, -um, human; humane, kind
  • Word details iucundus, -a, -um, pleasant, delightful
  • Word details uter, utra, utrum?, which (of two)?
  • Adverbs

  • Word details libenter, gladly
  • Word details quando?, when?
  • Conjunctions

  • Word details an?, or?
  • Word details nisi, unless; except
  • Word details sicut, just as, like
  • Word details ut + indicative. ut + subjunctive is in order to (purpose); so that (consequence), as, when
  • Nouns

  • Word details adventus, adventus, m., arrival
  • Word details negotium, -i, n., business
  • Word details vita, -ae, f., life
  • Prepositions

  • Word details propter + acc., on account of, because of
  • Pronouns

  • Word details quisquam, quicquam After a negative, anyone, anything
  • Verbs

  • Word details condo, condere, condidi, I found, establish
  • Word details confido, confidere, confisus sum + dat., I trust
  • Word details scholam habeo, I give a lecture

Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series.
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