Vocabulary list, Chapter 4

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details magnus, -a, -um, great, big
  • Word details miser, misera, miserum, miserable
  • Word details multus, -a, -um, many, much
  • Adverbs

  • Word details cur?, why?
  • Word details diu, for a long time
  • Word details iam, now, already
  • Word details lente, slowly
  • Word details saepe, often
  • Word details tandem, at last
  • Conjunctions

  • Word details quod, because
  • Word details ubi Conjunction. Not to be confused with ubi (adverb), where, when
  • Nouns

  • Word details amicus, friend
  • Word details ludus, ludi, m., school
  • Pronouns

  • Word details eas, eos, them
  • Verbs

  • Word details accedit, he/she approaches
  • Word details adest, he/she is present
  • Word details curat, he/she cares, looks after
  • Word details domit, he/she sleeps
  • Word details procedit, he/she goes forward
  • Word details surgit, he/she rises
  • Word details venit, he/she comes

Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series.
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