Vocabulary list, Chapter 49

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  • Adjectives

  • Word details barbarus, -a, -um, barbarian
  • Word details universi, -ae, -a, all
  • Word details validus, -a, -um, strong
  • Conjunctions

  • Word details quasi, as if, like
  • Nouns

  • Word details aetas, aetatis, f., age
  • Word details consensus, -us, m., agreement, consensus
  • Word details exsilium, -i, n., exile
  • Word details fas Indeclinable. Opp. of nefas, right
  • Word details gens, gentis, f., race, people
  • Word details nefas Indeclinable. opp. of fas, wrong
  • Word details provincia, -ae, f., province
  • Word details saeculum, -i, n., generation, age
  • Prepositions

  • Word details ultra + acc., beyond
  • Verbs

  • Word details (me) iuvat, iuvare, iuvit, I it pleases, delights (me)
  • Word details adicio, adicere, adieci, adiectum, I add to
  • Word details assequor, assequi, assecutus sum, I pursue, catch up, attain
  • Word details cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum, I yield, give way to
  • Word details confirmo, confirmare, I strengthen, encourage
  • Word details deleo, delere, delevi, deletum, I destroy
  • Word details me oportet, oportere, oportuit, I ought
  • Word details me taedet, taedere, taeduit + gen., I am tired of
  • Word details mihi licet, licere, licuit, I it is permitted for me, I am allowed, I may
  • Word details minor, minari, minatus sum + dat., I threaten
  • Word details restituo, restituere, restitui, restitutum, I restore

Vocabulary is taken from the Oxford Latin Course series.
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